The platform of the Olive Culture project was purpose built specifically to fit the needs of the project. As its main focus, the platform allows registered users to view data regarding the project. It presents both data collected from the users and data collected from the Smart-Citizen traps. Those data will be visible to registered users after they have been approved by the project administrators. Administrative users have the tools to verify said data, as well as edit the questions the users will get in the app. They can also create and send messages to the users in the form of notifications. 

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the mobile applications for both iOs and android of the “Olive Culture” project.

The information being collected through those apps are the following:

  • user’s name,
  • user’s surname,
  • user’s email address,
  • user’s date of birth,
  • photographs uploaded in the reports,
  • user’s geolocation coordinates at the time of the report being sent.

We acknowledge that all the information gathered from the users is private and accessible only the person in-charge of the “Olive Culture” project. Under no circumstances these information are being used outside the scope of the project. No data other than the aforementioned are being gathered regarding the user in the background.


For more information on the privacy policy of the smartphone apps please contact as-sociate professor Markos Avlonitis.