The Oli_HUB is an agribusiness HUB that operates in the premises of the Regional Council of Vlore  – in Vlore city, also through the social network of facebook. This HUB aims to bring closer the stakeholders that operate basically in the region of Vlore in the olive sector: farmers, SMEs, agriculture centers and institutions, academics etc in order to provide services such as: training, counselling, meetings etc. Due to the restrictions of the pandemic situation, all the activities that have been foreseen to be conducted in this HUB, have been transferred through the online platform of facebook since May 2020. All the activities that the experts have done through this platform have reached 539 persons beyond the region of Vlore including also: the region of Fier, Elbasan, Tirana, etc. The physical activation of the OLI-HUB will take place as soon as the national measures will be released in terms of people gatherings indoor spaces. 
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