Dept. of Agriculture

University Campus of Arta, Building AAT, 47100 Kostakii Arta, GREECE


Yannis Tsirogiannis, Scientific Manager, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel: +302681050249

Konstantina Fotia, Project Officer, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel: +302681050279

Oli_HUB Department of Ioannina, University of Ioannina

Oli_HUB is an agribusiness HUB that operates in the premises of the Department of Agriculutre of the University of Ioannina in the Kostakii Campus in Arta and also in the web. It is designed to bring closer stakeholders in the olive sector (farmers, SMEs, cooperatives, quality centers, academics etc) and provide collaboration services.

Oli_HUB intends to create a network and host training events and services such as: Creation of local brands consultancy services for cooperative activities organization, Integrated Crop Management application, small in-farm crafting and support regarding branding and marketing of olive products.

Useful material (deliverables of OLIVE_CULTURE project)

  1. Organisation of stakeholders collaboration support services (D3.2.2) - data where used for the study regarding the perspectives of olive sector in Epirus / Greece(D3.1.1)
  2. Smart phone Application regarding olive cultivation
  3. Update of PGI Konservolia Arta (D4.2.1) 
  4. Integrated management systems for olive crop(D4.2.1) - information regarding the cultivation of olive crop in the area, measurements at fields, collaboration with partners for soil analysis and the creation of guidelines for integrated management system in Arta / Greece
  5. Adaption and evaluation of water management IT system for irrigated and rainfed olive grooves at Arta /Greece (D4.2.2)
    1. Study regarding adaption and evaluation of existing electronic DSS tools
    2. Application for irrigation management of olive groves,report(manual)
  6. Genetic diversity assessment (DNA tests) of local olive varieties(D4.2.3)
  7. Organisation of olive testing panel (D5.2.1) Part A (theoritical training), Part B (practical training)
  8. Water footprint of local table olives(D5.2.2)
  9. Olive and more agrobusiness HUB (oliHUB) (D3.2.1)
    1. Plan for the organisation of an integrated HUB for olive culture: part A, part B
    2. Form for registration of interest
    3. Events (Report)




24/2/2020 Water Resources Management in Modern Agriculture and Water Footrpint

8/10/2020 Training session regarding the legislative framework of olive products’ labelling and certification

30/11/2020 Water- Irrigation and Water Footprint

4/12/2020 Soil Analysis and fertilisation

7/12/2020 Training session on Olive processing PART I

8/12/2020 Training session on Olive processing PART II

2/2/2021Training session on the organization of olive taste panel

4/2/2021 Consultancy on legal framework of small in farm crafting

5/2/2021 Consultancy on quality standards of small in farm crafting: The case study of Elia: Olive Quality Center

8/2/2021 Consultancy on small in-farm crafting: The case study of Stamna Olives cooperative

10/2/2021 Consultancy and discussion on olive sectors perspectives in Greece

24/3/2021 Info Day. Results of soil analysis performed on soil samples of olive groves in the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas, soil management and fertilisation advices